1. Transit, Misser, Long Lost Family Holiday Tour



    Transit, Misser, and Long Lost are going out on a family holiday tour this December. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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  2. in case you wanted to read ‘em and stuff.

  3. very meta

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  4. whatifweswamintonothing:

    Long Lost - Save Yourself Start Again.  Opaque light brown, /300.



  5. nosleeprecords:

    Head on over to Absolute Punk now to stream Save Yourself, Start again - the new album from Long Lost available tomorrow!

    Please baby please baby baby baby please!

  6. Tonight!


  7. Long Lost (Joe B Of Transit) Release New Song “This Love Will Grow”



    Long Lost, Joe B of Transit’s side-project, have released a new track called “This Love Will Grow.” Stream it here via AbsolutePunk and check out another song called “Old News” below after the jump.

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    Long Lost (Joe B Of Transit) Sign To No Sleep Records  

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    That’s 40% of the record that you can hear already! Stay tuned for the other 60%, the album drops in just over a month!!


  8. littlepaws182 said: Yo the new song is sooo good!!! luv you guys xoxo 😘



  9. Apparently the site to download the No Sleep Summer Sampler hasn’t been working for everyone, so in the meantime you can listen to “Old News” here!


  10. nosleeprecords:

    Enter SUMMER2013 to download our new Summer Sampler! 25 songs, some that we haven’t even premiered yet. CD’s available while supplies last with all orders at store.nosleeprecords.com and various other places & from some of our bands.

    We have a new song called “Old News” on here! GET IT!